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Field Trip Destinations

In addition to being a dog walker in Long Beach, I offer outdoor excursions  - you choose where we go! Below are some of my favorite spots to take my client's babies hiking, walking, beaching and all around adventuring!

a picture of waves running up against the shore of rosies dog beach in long beach CA

Rosie's Dog Beach,
Long Beach

At this off-leash dog beach, the waves are calm for playing fetch and walking trails are clear and easily accessible. Less busy on week days.

three small dogs chase one another joyfully across a stretch of Huntington dog beach

Huntington Dog Beach,
Huntington Beach

This 2.5 mile stretch of beach provides a morning or afternoon of abundant socialization and stimulation. There's a parallel paved trail overlooking the beach - perfect for animals wanting less socialization.

a scenic image above a hilltop overlooking signal hill on a sunny day

Hilltop Park Hiking Trail, Signal Hill

Overlooking Catalina Island, Orange County and Downtown LA, this AllTrails loop weaves in and out of neighborhoods and puts you back at Hilltop Park. This is a fairly easy, yet stimulating trail for humans and dogs alike. Not recommended on a scorching-hot day due to lack of covering.

a shiba-huskey dog on a leash walking ahead of their human along the lush green trails of Talbert Nature Preserve in Costa Mesa, CA

Talbert Nature Preserve,
Costa Mesa

The epitome of abundance, this nature reserve provides greenery, wildlife and trails that run all the way to the ocean. There are several interconnected parks, with Canyon Park being one of my favorites. You could easily spend all morning or afternoon here.

a beautiful picture of colorado lagoon at dusk

Colorado Lagoon,
Long Beach

This dog-friendly location provides a variety of scenery - from sandy beaches to wetlands and lush greenery. The trails from the lagoon extend to a recreational park fit with its own dog park.


Bolsa Chica Wetlands,
Huntington Beach

If your companion loves being near water and amoungst wildlife - the trails of these costal wetlands never disappoint. The variety of plants, birds and paved/unpaved trails creates a sense of deep presence and connection to life. 

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