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A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter And Dog Walker In Long Beach ☀️🐕🌳

Every sit and dog walk is different than the next. I've been locked out of client's homes at midnight while their house alarm triggers the fire department, I've been in luxurious homes with literal waterparks in the back yard. Where's the balance? Thankfully, I've had enough experiences over the last decade to cultivate exceptional boundaries, acknowledge the value Good Love brings, and appreciate the heck out of my ideal clients. I've found much gratitude and proof of my evolution this week pet sitting and dog walking in Los Cerritos, a beautiful neighborhood in Long Beach. I had the privilege of pet sitting for two fine folks and their Great Dane - aka house horse.
Our day starts at 4:30am when babe decides it's time to watch her beloved Dog TV on Youtube. Though nearly my size, she is certain that sitting on my lap is the best way to enjoy chewing on her toys while watching squirrels run up to the screen. By 6:30am its time to pee and wake the neighbors by barking at the air. We quickly go inside and I turn on her favorite toy, which vibrates intensely while playing Kesha. Did I mention its only 6:30 in the morning? Around 8am its time for breakfast. After preparing a meal that could feed a family of four, honey eats 1/8th of her meal, indicating that brekky just don't hit the same as her plethora of jerky treats. I know babe - I know.
It's time to crate the large turkey for half an hour, to which she is always displeased. It is within this half hour that I regain acknowledgment of my personal space. Time's up! We're off for a walk around the neighborhood, avoiding certain fences and dogs she doesn't like. I make sure to have a 32 gallon trash bag ready for her poops. Walking a Great Dane is easy when they don't yet know how strong and big they are. I've been pulled by an adult Dane chasing a squirrel - bones were rattled. By the time we get back home, babe might munch on more breakfast, but most likely will go back to her vibrating Kesha torture device.
Never a dull moment with this one - from 9am to her next walk at 1pm, we're cuddling, playing in the yard, eating treats, napping or just plain walkin around the house in our underwear. When we come back from our walk, it's time for more playing in the yard, barking at friendly neighbors and their children, eating treats and dozing off to Dog TV.
Around 5pm it's time for our last walk of the day, and tired as we are (at least I am) we enjoy the slow summer sunset and the warmth of dusk. We're back home around 5:30pm or so and it's time for dinner. Although I do everything in my power to bring her dinner to maximum decadence, babe isn't always about it and maybe eats half. Time to crate! Aaaaaand she hates it. I do my daily chi qong in the other room while wails in betrayal. By 6pm, and by the grace of Akatosh, honey is starting to wind down for the night. Thank god cause I'm ready for bed by 8pm. I lay her bed out and hop into mine, to which she is upset with me at the insistence of separation. She cannot be pleased, yet I try again and again. Good night ✨


Looking for a dog walker in Long Beach? Perhaps a dog sitter in Los Cerritos? Head to my Services section to schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet! Reach out to me on  Instagram!

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