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What's It Like Being A Pet Sitter & Dog Walker ? ⛅🌳🐕

Updated: May 11

Hello! One thing I will say about Good Love is that I never consciously planned to be an animal caretaker. Caretaking comes naturally to me, but this is not what I had mapped out for my life! Having said that, it's an absolute dream come true to be walking dogs through canyons and parks, over beaches and wetlands -and get paid to do it! As a pet sitter and dog walker (and really, as a person in general), I encounter new challenges nearly every day, requiring vulnerability and a willingness to adapt. I'm responsible for a whole life (sometimes lives) in addition to my own! Being grounded in my body and in the moment is key - as is awareness of my environment. When I'm pet sitting in-home, being keenly observant of the space is a must. As a dog walker I'm always on the look out for anything in the area that doesn't jive with my animal's internal environment. I'm always paying attention to their body language and overall vibe, making sure they feel safe and free to comfortably be themselves. Let's just say, the amount of internal and external checks I perform throughout the day leaves me feeling like a puddle by nightfall. At this time in my life's journey, I wouldn't have it any other way. This post is definitely going to need a Part II.

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Life of a dog walker in Long Beach

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